Sunday, October 11, 2009

man page for ipautofw - FREESCO

I was working on setting up a Linux firewall for my home next work. I found the FREESCO distribution and installed without a problem. Even though this is my 2nd Linux box, I never really spend enough time to learn the Linux.

This time, I begin by trying to figure out how the firewall is initialized. Since the FREESCO 042 is based on Linux 2.0, I run into the problem that some of the man page is hard to find. After an afternoon on the Google, I found the man page for both
ipautofw and ipportfw. Both of them are at Debian.Org web site.

The man page for ipautofw is by Bartosz FeĊ„ski at:

The man page for ipportfw can be download from Debian's early release.

If anyone can convert the man page to html, it will be great appreciated.

+++++++++++++ begin ipautofw ++++++++++++++++++++++
.TH "ipautofw" "1" "980511" "Bartosz Fenski " "Executable programs or shell commands"
ipautofw \- utility to automatically add masquerade entries.

.B ipautofw [\fIcommand\fP] [\fIoptions\fP]

\fBipautofw\fP allows Linux masquerading available in 2.0 series kernels
to work with programs such as RealAudio which don't send out a packet
on all ports they wish to receive on.

This program is useless for 2.2 and 2.4 series kernels.


The following commands and options are supported.
.SS Valid commands:
.TP 15
.B -A
add new autoforward entry.
.B -D
delete an autoforward entry.
.B -F
flush the autoforward table.
.SS Valid options:
.TP 15
.B -r \fItype\fP \fIlow\fP \fIhigh\fP
forwarding on ports \fIlow\fP to \fIhigh\fP using protocol \fItype\fP
(tcp or udp).
.B -h \fIhost\fP
IP address of \fIhost\fP to receive forwarded packets.
.B -d \fItype\fP \fIlow\fP \fIhigh\fP
specifies a set of ports which will not use the default high range (60000+)
masquerade port area.
.B -p \fItype\fP \fIvisible\fP \fIhost\fP:\fIhidden\fP
set up port bouncing from visible host port to masqueraded host \fIhost\fP on
port \fIhidden\fP, protocol \fItype\fP (currently not supported).
.B -c \fItype\fP \fIport\fP
specifies a control port and protocol.
.B -u
do \fBnot\fP require that a host connect within 15 seconds of triggering the
control port.
.B -i
insecure mode; any host many connect after implied by not using the -c option
or implied by using the -h option once the control port has been triggered.
.B -v
verbose mode.
\fBipautofw\fP has been written by Richard Lynch.
This man page was written by Bartosz Fenski for the
Debian GNU/Linux distribution (but it may be used by others).
+++++++++++++ end ipautofw ++++++++++++++++++

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