Monday, February 4, 2013

A concept on GUI for Make Utility

This is a short note on my soul search for the Linux/Windows program make utility. For user, it will be easier to use a GUI to specify the relation on how target should be build. The data can be stored in a database table: (I know it can be refined)

The Makefile can be constructed out of those info in the database.

The GUI will allows user to use dropdown list for the Target which could be derived from source file list of a project and will allows user to use file browser to browse to the In/Lib directories.

When output Makefile, the program can generate Macros based on summarized info on In/Lib. Target, InTyp, and Command fields.

The In/Lib field could include version info. These info can be used by the program to interact with version control system.

I would like this program to be implemented in a platform independent languages (e.g. Java, Perl ... etc.)  that provide GUI, database access, and shell access.