Thursday, April 17, 2014

CS0246: The type or namespace name could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

This is a short note on the error message. I googled and none of those matched exactly what I did and none of them solved my problem.

Since each development is different and many situation can raise the same error message. It is, therefore, important to describe my setups in order to be useful to my blogger readers.

First of all, I am hand coding my code for the sack of purities. It should apply well to cases where more complicated environment is used.

I created a user control with code behind: .ascx and .cs. I then use this user control in my web page: MyPage.aspx and MyPage.cs. For page derived .cs files, you will need to declare variables for controls that you used in MyPage.aspx. I can declare those variables for all the standard web controls. However, when I declared variable for my user control, the error message result. I did employed namespace for my user control and I did 'using' that namespace. However, the IIS Express wouldn't recognize my control until I explicitly declare the variable with full-namespace specification.

As with my previous post concerning IIS Express, this problem could be just the IIS Express issues. Even though, some of the Internet posts may suggest otherwise.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The server tag is not well formed. ASP.NET IIS Express aspx ascx

When working with ASP.NET with IIS Express, I hand coded the user control .ascx file using the code behind approach.
For the <%@ Control > tag, the CodeBehind is for the .dll file - not the .cs source file. To use the source file, you will have to use the CodeFile attribute. To use the CodeBehind attribute, you also have to put the .dll file in the \bin sub-directory - using ~\file.dll in the CodeBehind will not work as other directives tags (i.e. ASP.NET @ tags).

There is a problem with IIS Express when parsing the XML comment (i.e. ). Somehow, the IIS Express will try to look for 'runat' inside the comment area and try to interpret it as server tag. This prevents commenting out server tags when needed. By altering the text: runat (e.g. runat_), you can avoid the problem caused by this bug. This problem applies to .aspx and .ascx files.

Friday, March 21, 2014

MS ACCESS 97 2002 upgrade 3264 TableDef error

Error message: "Run-time error '3264': No field defined--cannot append TableDef or Index."

Code at: EnblLnkTbl():CurrentDb().TableDef.Append tdf

When: upgrade my Ipds424.mdb (In ShrScr\ ) to ACCESS 2002.

Resolution: In the -Tool -Reference:
  Replace: 'Microsoft DAO 2.5/3.5 Compatibility Library'
  With: 'Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library'

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Windows Screen Recording Open Source software

Just few notes on my experiences with Windows open source Screen Recording Software.

When google it, Cam Studio came up top. Reading Wikipedia article was warned about viruses embedded in the Cam Studio. Found a website called and is safe to download from it. With Cam Studio, you can use encoder already installed on your Windows machine. Try to use the Microsoft one. Cam Studio stored recording in the AVI format which can be read by Microsoft Movie maker. By saving the video in NTSC format, you can upload it to YouTube.

I also played with Krut, which is based on Java and required install the normal JRE plus the JMF (java medial framework). The Krut worked well except that you do not have much choices on the encoder - it will output QuickTime format and a separate audio file in Microsoft format. The problem with the Krut is that when you record with 16 bit audio encoding, the VLC would complain and the audio would not play. The QuickTime seems to work fine. I suspect, you will need encoding software to make it more useful.

Another program I played is called rdp, which is also Java based. The program is at version 0.1. It worked by can't record Video and Audio at the same time yet.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Possible Internet News Feed Design

The behavior of human varies. Watching news on TV is very different from reading news on computers. While watching TV, people are free to do other things as long as their ears or eyes are paying attention to the TV.

For people reading news on computers, the assumptions is that their hands are on mouse or keyboard so that they can scroll or click through pages.

However, as many of you have noticed websites, like MSN or Yahoo, that with marqueue pictures, users could simply watch the slide show without touching the mouse or the keyboard, which can be the case when programmers or office workers are taking breaks eating lunches.

Since computer and websites are flexible in terms of programmable. These sites can easily be enhanced to provide better features - like topic selection, large subtitles, adjustable shuffle speed, voice annotated ... etc. With voice activation enhancement, this can further free office workers to perform other activities while follow up with news.

VPN failed - Error 711, 1068 - Remote Access Connection Manager, dependency

The goal of this article is to report an instance of mine that failed me on my VPN. Hopefully, this will help people with exactly the same problem.

The error involved the failing of the starting of "Remote Access Connection Manager" service - Error 711: Cannot load the Remote Access Connection Manager Service. Trying to start the "Remote Access Connection Manager" service manually produced the "Error 1068: the dependency service or group failed to start." message.

The 1068 error is a very general one and the task is to find out exactly which dependency services caused the program to fail since the error message provides no indication. Not being a Windows expert, I result to brutal force. I manually went through each service listed and try to start them. In the process, few processes failed to start. The most suspicious one is the "Windows Event Log" process - "Cannot start windows event log service on Windows 7. Error 4201".

After fixing the "Windows event log" error, the VPN worked.

The article I Googled are:
Error 711: Cannot load the Remote Access Connection Manager Service.
Error 1068: the dependency service or group failed to start.
Cannot start windows event log service on Windows 7. Error 4201.
How to use MSCONFIG in Windows 7