Monday, June 21, 2010

Android mothership tablet for Android phone

Here's an idea: Make Android tablet a mothership for Android phone. The connection between them is Wifi.

The tablet do not need camera, phone and GIS capabilities. But it can take advantage of those from the Android phone. You don't want to hold the hold tablet to take a picture anyway.

So how do you think?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Chrome OS and future

Imaging a world with Chrome, almost all people will using programs on the cloud. Personal devices need very little computing power.

For well connected humans lived on Earth, this will not be a problem. For space traveler, powerful computer will be needed if the connection can't be established easily to the Earth.

How safe private data can be kept could be a problem. One can easily encrypts data and saved in the cloud. However, if you want process those data, you will need to get your data from the cloud, un-encrypted and process it. But if programs were also running in the cloud, you will need to send the data to the program to process. Then, how can you know no one in the processing cloud will not peek at your data? One of the reason the encryption works if because the user can run the encryption program at his own isolated machine, assuming his isolated machine is powerful enough to handle that.

Is it possible to package a cloud program that is isolated from inspection/peek?

The personal devices will become very cheep since it does not need a lot of computing power. At the same time, it will become pricey to get a decent computing machine since the demand is low. To be able to own such machine, people will need make money by providing cloud services. Otherwise, you will become a machine-less individual.