Saturday, December 26, 2009

Windstream DSL service problem - Lincoln, NE

This is to document Windstream/Alltel's service problem at Lincoln Nebraska around Dec. 25, 2009. For now, I am using this blog to document the problem. Later I will post these to other board to raise the awareness of the poor quality of the Windstream/Alltel DSL service.

On both Dec. 25 and 26, the Windstream DSL service become un-acceptable around 6:30PM. My DSL modem shows that the DSL is constantly dropped and reconnected in a interval of every 2 minutes. I can't watch any Youtube videos since the line will be dropped before any video is done. My daughter can't even log into the Webkinz.

This does not seem to be caused by service outage or the circuit problem since in the early morning and even early afternoon, the connection is just fine. It seems what Windstream is trying to do is multiplex the usages based on either the time or the amount of data sent or received. In either case, the service provided is un-bearable. I can't see this is a step up from the old 56K modem service.

I encourage every Windstream user to post comments to this blog and, together, we can make our voice heard and force Windsteam to take actions. For citizen of Lincoln, this may give us a chance to let other service company to enter the Lincoln market.

Update Dec. 29, 2009: Time 18:10 - Same problem: slowdown, dis-connected frequently.
Update Dec. 30, 2009: Time 20:25 - Same problem: slowdown, dis-connected frequently.
Update Dec. 31, 2009: Time 06:44 - I can watch Youtube - Evening is the problem.
Update Dec. 31, 2009: Time 19:32 - This morning I got phone call from Windstream that they are sending people out to tweak the circuit. Later in the day, I spot Windstream tech that went to the post at my backyard. At this moment, every thing works beautifully.