Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Possible Internet News Feed Design

The behavior of human varies. Watching news on TV is very different from reading news on computers. While watching TV, people are free to do other things as long as their ears or eyes are paying attention to the TV.

For people reading news on computers, the assumptions is that their hands are on mouse or keyboard so that they can scroll or click through pages.

However, as many of you have noticed websites, like MSN or Yahoo, that with marqueue pictures, users could simply watch the slide show without touching the mouse or the keyboard, which can be the case when programmers or office workers are taking breaks eating lunches.

Since computer and websites are flexible in terms of programmable. These sites can easily be enhanced to provide better features - like topic selection, large subtitles, adjustable shuffle speed, voice annotated ... etc. With voice activation enhancement, this can further free office workers to perform other activities while follow up with news.

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