Sunday, March 14, 2010

News feeds to China public

According to the news, Google could retreated from China as soon as the end of March, 2010. Recently, I read a news article that I feel it really worth reading for all the Chinese people including people lived in Taiwan and I begin to think how can I help feed news to Chinese lived inside China's Great Firewall.

I am sorry to say that "Bill Gates, I do not agree with you on that there are a lot of (technical) ways that Chinese people can reach the outside world". I believe they need help. One thing I hope can be done is to defeat the filtering of search result. Here are some of my idea.

1. Create sites with China-Communist Party permissible articles so that it can be indexed. We will then provide CAPTCHA and allow users to view the unfiltered result - possibly from Google.
2. Encourage everyone that care about this issue to setup various web sites so that it become extremely expensive for China-Communist to filter all these sites.

Comments welcome. I believe there are a lot of smart people that can provide even better ideas like dynamically register new sites from time to time.

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